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At Mind Blowing Hair Replacement, we can provide you with the look of your dreams. We have specialized in state-of-the-art hair replacement for the last 15 years and have mastered the art of stylish, luxurious, undetectable hair systems.

We offer customized solutions for men, women and children with any type of hair loss or thinning hair problem, including Androgenic Alopecia, Female Pattern Hair Loss, Male Pattern Baldness, hair loss due to Chemotherapy Treatment, Stress related hair loss, balding due to chemical treatments and Trichotillomania — Hair Pulling Disorder.

Our goal is to restore your hair and your confidence by creating a natural look that fits your personal style. Our location offers private consultation and styling rooms to maintain your privacy.

We are able to end everyone’s hair loss situation with non-surgical hair replacement hair systems that are able to fool even high definition cameras.

Hair Replacement

Hair Replacement

Our main services are helping you deal with hair replacement. From the very first personal interview, to the services we provide, you will receive first class attention...

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

We know thinning hair and hair loss could be a problem for anyone, both men and women, regardless of their...

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